Archery Targets: Range

Bulldog Rangedog Archery Target

Never before has there been a Range target that features the longevity of a bag target but with flat face that allows targets to be pinned to it.The internals are the same as the ledendary DogHouse targets but it has no target dots painted on it. The Bulldog Rangedog is designed for you to pin your targets on it just like the range.

Replaceable faces are available for this target for $69.99. If you ever wear it out simply staple on new face and your good for another 50,000 shots. This target is sold in three different models.

SunCover- $32.99

Drastically extend the life of any Rangedog archery target in the outdoors. Available for all three models. They are known as Bulldog Sunglasses . The cover fits over your target and will block all the damaging UV rays from the target.


OPTION 1 – Target Only. The target comes with straps that make it a breeze for 2 people to carry it. This is great for people that like to take it to different place and move it around a lot.

Dimensions: 36″ x 36″ x 12″, approx 65 lbs
Price: $279.99  Bulldog Rangedog Archery Target
(Add SunCover: + $32.99)  

Bulldog RangeDog – Target Only

OPTION 2 – Bulldog Rangedog Archery Target With Wheels. This is a great option if you want to use it indoors. The target is shipped with 4 indoor wheels installed on the bottom making it easy to move around. This is great for ranges, schools, gyms or any place that you need to pack it away when you’re done. The wheels also have a brake system installed to lock target in place.


Dimensions: 36″ x 36″ x 12″ , approx 67 lbs
Price: $314.99 (Add SunCover: + $32.99)

RangeDog (Target + Wheels)

OPTION 3 – Outdoor Legs. This option includes outdoor legs and all the hardware to set it up in under 3 minutes. The tie downs include length adjusters to make it simple to adjust the angle of the face and easy square it. At long distances you may even want it leaned back 10 – 15 degrees and with our adjustable system its a breeze!

Dimensions: 36″ x 36″ x 12″ – 50″ Across, approx 69 lbs
Price: $399.99 (Add SunCover: + $32.99)

RangeDog (Target + Legs)

Bulldog Doghouse FF Archery Target-$139.99

24″ x 24″ x 12″

(Flat Face) is a new crossbreed between the Doghouse XP™ and the Range Dog™.This new breed of archery target has the same flat face as the Range Dog but with the compact dimensions & X-tra Penetration features of the Doghouse XP. How many times have you wanted to pin a target on one of those “Bag” targets and it just falls right off! It’s easy to pin your target on the FF. This archery target is great for practicing on your FITA/Vegas targets that you will be shooting at in the tournaments. Crossbow Rated. When you purchase Bulldog targets you are purchasing quality.

Dimensions:  24″ x 24″ x 12″  approx 32 lbs

Price: $139.99   Bulldog Doghouse FF Archery Target
Free shipping to lower 48 states

Bulldog Doghouse XP Archery Target-$129.99

24″ x 24″ 12″

The Doghouse XP is the big brother to the Doghouse FP™ archery target.That’s right… 1 FOOT of penetration! The thickest self-standing, internal frame archery target on the market today! Forget what every one else claims, when you want long lasting quality, this is it! If you are at all concerned about a archery target not stopping your arrow you have no need to worry with this bad dog! Its tough enough to stop any arrow that any bow or crossbow can throw at it.Everybody knows that practice is important, and for those dedicate archers who want to practice as much as possible and sometimes that means in their living room. They can not take a chance of an arrow even remotely passing through, and they put their trust in the DogHouse XP™. LIFETIME WARRANTY

Dimensions: 24″ x 24″ 12″ Aprox 32 lbs

Price: $129.99  Bulldog Doghouse XP Archery Target

Free shipping to lower 48 states

Bulldog Doubledog FF Archery Target-$159.99

36″ x 24″ x 12″

The DoubleDog FF™ The Ultimate “Buddy” Archery Target. This is the First of its kind in the target industry.  Now when you want to shoot with a friend you don’t need another target. This flat faced target provides ample room  for two NFAA 5 Spot or 3-Spot targets, side by side! It’s part of the FF series so it features a Flat Face that you can pin targets to. Light enough that you can carry with one hand but strong enough to support two shooters at the same time. So go ahead and invite your buddy over for an evening of shooting in the back yard, now that you have the DoubleDog it’s no problem! Crossbow Rated! When you purchase Bulldog targets you are purchasing quality.

Dimensions: 36″x24″x12 approx 49 lbs

Price: $159.99  Bulldog Doubledog FF Archery Target

Free shipping to lower 48 states


Bulldog K-9 Range Archery Target

Chosen by camps,clubs,schools and commercial ranges because of its size and long life cycle. At 16 ” thick and 48″ square, the K9 is the best range archery target available at any price! When you purchase bulldog targets tou are purchasing quality. Rebuildable.

Points to consider:

  • Shoot able from both sides.
  • Strong enough to stop arrows shot from any bow or crossbow.
  • No difficulty holding arrows shot from low poundage bows.
  • Replacement faces are afforadable and go on with ease.
  • Internals almost never wear out.
  • This target is not only afforadable, but the minimal maintenance over time allows ongoing savings.
  • 48″x48″x16″
  • 125lbs

Please note that we will need to contact you regarding shipping for this target. You may purchase online but we will call or email you with the exact quote on the shipping price before completing the sale.

K-9 Range SunCover:

Drastically extend the life of any K9 archery target outdoors with a Sun Cover. The cover fits over your target and will block all the damaging UV rays from the target. Custom made for your Bulldog K9 Target.

If you leave your target outside year-round we recommend using a sun cover.

$499.99 USD  (Add SunCover: + $46.99)
Dealers call 507-227-4050 for dealer pricing

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