Bulldog K-9 Range Archery Target

Chosen by camps,clubs,schools and commercial ranges because of its size and long life cycle. At 16 ” thick and 48″ square, the K9 is the best range archery target available at any price! When you purchase bulldog targets tou are purchasing quality. Rebuildable.

Points to consider:

  • Shoot able from both sides.
  • Strong enough to stop arrows shot from any bow or crossbow.
  • No difficulty holding arrows shot from low poundage bows.
  • Replacement faces are afforadable and go on with ease.
  • Internals almost never wear out.
  • This target is not only afforadable, but the minimal maintenance over time allows ongoing savings.
  • 48″x48″x16″
  • 125lbs

Please note that we will need to contact you regarding shipping for this target. You may purchase online but we will call or email you with the exact quote on the shipping price before completing the sale.

K-9 Range SunCover:

Drastically extend the life of any K9 archery target outdoors with a Sun Cover. The cover fits over your target and will block all the damaging UV rays from the target. Custom made for your Bulldog K9 Target.

If you leave your target outside year-round we recommend using a sun cover.

$499.99 USD  (Add SunCover: + $46.99)
Dealers call 507-227-4050 for dealer pricing

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